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Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts with Hole

Enhanced Safety with Superior Ground Connectors

  • Model Number: P99
  • Certified Quality: UL Listed (UL467) - specially designed for grounding and bonding equipment.
  • Efficient Grounding: Designed for optimal conductivity and ground connections.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauge wires.
  • Color-coded convenience: Green color coding for easy identification during installation.
  • Easy Installation: Swept-back wing design allows for easy, tool-free installation.
Spec sheet for Dicio's green grounding wire connector nuts
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    Product Specifications

    Wiring Ranges

    14-10 AWG, Maximum 5 #12 AWG, Minimum 2 #14 AWG


    1.134 inches x 0.795 inches





    PA66, UL94V-2 flame-retardant shell rated at 221°F.

    Safety Tips

    • Always ensure the power is off before installation.
    • Dicio twist-on products are for one-time use only and are NOT reusable.
    • Pre-twisting stranded wires enhances connection security in twist caps.

    What sizes of wires can the Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts accommodate?
    Our Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts (Model P99) are designed for versatile compatibility, accommodating wire sizes from 14 to 10 AWG, with a maximum of 5 #12 AWG wires, and a minimum of 2 #14 AWG wires. This range ensures that you can use them for various applications with ease.

    Are these connectors certified for safety and quality?
    Yes, our Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts are UL Listed (UL467), which means they have been specially designed and tested for grounding and bonding equipment, meeting high standards for safety and performance.

    How do I identify these connectors during installation?
    These connectors are color-coded in green, making them easily identifiable during installation. This color-coding is in line with industry standards for grounding connectors, ensuring they are quickly recognizable.

    What are the dimensions of each connector?
    Each Green Ground Wire Connector Nut measures 1.134 inches in height and 0.795 inches in diameter, providing a compact size that fits well in tight spaces.

    What material are the Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts made of?
    The connectors are made of PA66 with a UL94V-2 flame-retardant shell, rated at 221°F. This material ensures durability and resistance to high temperatures.

    How are the Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts installed?
    To install the Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts with a hole, you will need to follow these steps, ensuring you're working with the power off to prevent any electrical hazard:

    1. Prepare the wires by stripping them according to the needed length as per your local electrical codes.
    2. Identify the "through" wire, which will pass completely through the hole in the connector.
    3. Insert the "through" wire into the connector, ensuring it passes through the designated hole and extends slightly out of the other end.
    4. Take the other wire(s) that need to be grounded and twist them together. Then, align them alongside the "through" wire, ensuring good contact between the wires.
    5. Once the wires are in place, twist the connector onto the wires clockwise until it is tight. The connector's swept-back wing design facilitates tool-free installation, providing a comfortable grip for your fingers.
    6. After securing the connector, tug gently on the wires to make sure they are held firmly in place and that the connection is secure, with no wire strands exposed outside the connector.

    By following these steps, you ensure a secure and proper grounding connection using the Green Ground Wire Connector Nuts with a hole. Always refer to the product's installation guide and your local electrical codes for complete instructions and safety information.

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