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Ul-Certified Wire Connectors for Safety and Peace of Mind

How Dicio's Approvals Secure Your Projects

The online marketplace is flooded with electrical products, many of which lack the necessary safety approvals. Dicio is different. We operate exclusively online, yet we are committed to selling only safety standards-approved products, ensuring that every item meets the highest levels of protection.

Knowing your connections

Selecting the right certification for your electrical connections is crucial for safety:

  • General Wire Splice Connectors: For most wire splice connectors, the UL-486C certification is what you should look for. It's sufficient for general usage.
  • Wet Locations and Direct Burial: For projects exposed to moisture or requiring direct burial, it's essential to use products that are IP68 rated and have UL-486D or UL-486G certifications to ensure robust protection against water and dust ingress.
  • Grounding Connections: For grounding systems, UL-467 is the certification that guarantees safety and reliability.

When shopping for wire connectors in the US and Canada, always check for a UL listing. Without it, the product may not be safe for use in the market, and it's best to avoid such items altogether.

Dicio product certified by UL and IP68

Dicio's UL-listed guide

For electricians and distributors, navigating through the myriad of certifications is no longer a challenge with Dicio's guide. We've paired our products with their relevant certifications and provided our UL reference numbers for easy verification in the UL IQ database. Here's the guide to ensure you have the right product for the right job:

 Approvals Dicio Products UL Reference Number
  • Inline lever wire connectors (928)
Sealed Wire Connector Systems
  • Waterproof wire connector nuts, medium (R3)
  • Waterproof wire connector nuts, large (R6)
Sealed Twist-On Connecting Devices
  • Waterproof wire connector nuts, small (P4W)
Grounding and Bonding Equipment
  • Grounding wire connector nuts (P99)
  • Lever wire connectors (PC62)

**Scroll right to see reference number**

Building trust through transparency

In a B2B environment, transparency equates to trust. By offering UL-listed products, Dicio provides peaceof mind and a clear competitive edge. It's not just about selling; it's about ensuring each client knows that selecting Dicio means choosing compliance with safety standards. This commitment to transparency is what elevates Dicio above other online offerings and cements the trust in our brand.

We invite you to explore our range of UL-listed products. With Dicio, you're not just purchasing reliability; you're investing in the assurance of safety and compliance. 

Contact us today to secure your projects with certified products, or browse our offerings.

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