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Dicio High-Temp Ceramic Wire Nuts for Ovens and Furnaces

Product Features

  • High-Quality Ceramic Wire Nuts: Our ceramic wire connectors are crafted to provide stable and enduring electrical connections, especially in high-temperature settings such as ovens and furnaces. These ceramic nuts are made from premium materials that can withstand extreme heat without compromising performance.
  • Maximum working temperature: 1,000 degree F.
  • Exceptional Heat Resistance: Designed for resilience, these high temp ceramic wire connectors maintain their integrity in extreme temperatures. This makes them the go-to choice for applications requiring high-temperature ceramic wire nuts, such as in kitchen appliances and industrial heating equipment.
  • Superior Insulation: The robust insulation properties of our ceramic wire nuts for ovens ensure the safety and effectiveness of electrical systems. They are engineered to prevent current leakage and withstand the thermal demands of high temperature electrical connections.
  • Versatile High-Temperature Applications: Whether it's for household cooking appliances or heavy-duty industrial machines, our ceramic wire nuts high temperature ratings make them suitable for a wide array of applications. They are the ideal choice for ensuring a secure connection in any heat-intensive environment.
  • Durability and Performance: Dicio is synonymous with quality and durability. Our ceramic wire connectors are meticulously designed to offer reliable, long-lasting performance in environments where standard connectors would falter. Count on our high temperature ceramic wire connectors for resilience in the face of intense heat.
Photo depicting a ceramic wire nut in use within an oven setup, showcasing its heat-resistant properties ideal for high-temperature applications. Step-by-step ceramic wire nut installation image: 1. Strip the wire insulation, 2. Twist the wire ends together, 3. Screw in the ceramic wire nut securely for a safe connection. Assorted sizes of ceramic wire nuts capable of accommodating different AWG wires, with clearly labeled specifications for safe and effective electrical connections.
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Quantity: 173M (22-12 AWG) x 50 pcs

Product Specifications

Wiring Ranges

  • Large: 18-8 AWG
  • Medium: 20-10 AWG
  • Small: 22-14 AWG


  • Large: 0.94 in (L) x 0.59 in (W)
  • Medium: 0.68 in (L) x 0.45 in (W)
  • Small: 0.57 in (L) x 0.35 in (W)


600 V




Ceramic / Porcelain

Safety Tips

  • Always ensure the power is off before installation.
  • Dicio twist-on products are for one-time use only and are NOT reusable.
  • Pre-twisting stranded wires enhances connection security in twist caps.
Technical Documents

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