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Dicio Push-in Wire Connector Nuts 3 Ports

Fast and Secure Connections 

  • Certified Quality: UL-Listed (Certification number UL-CA-L113650-41-21118102-1)
  • Adaptable Wire Range: 
    • Solid wires: 24-12 AWG
    • Tin-bonded wires: 24-14 AWG
  • Easy Installation: Hassle-free connections without special tools.
  • Efficient space usage: compact design for tight spaces, ensuring organized wiring. 
  • User Friendly: Easy adjustment for both DIYs and pros.
  • Versatile solution: 2 ports, 3 ports, 5 ports available for all wiring purposes.
  • What's included: 3 ports push-in connectors x 50

Dicio push-in wire connector size and user guide

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Product Specifications

Wiring Ranges

  • Solid wire: 24-12 AWG
  • Tin-bonded stranded wires: 24-14 AWG
  • Stranded wires: NOT compatible


  • 3 ports: 0.65 inch (L), 0.58 inch (W), 0.26 inch (H)


600 volts




PC & PA, UL94V-0 flame-retardant shell rated at 221°F.

Safety Tips

  • Dicio Push-in wire connectors is compatible with solid and tin-bonded stranded wires.
  • Stranded wires without tin-bonded is not compatible.
  • Push-in wire connectors are reusable.

Are these wire connectors UL-Listed?
Yes, our wire connectors are UL-Listed under the certification number UL-CA-L113650-41-21118102-1, ensuring they meet high safety and quality standards.

What types of wires are compatible with these connectors?
Our connectors are designed to work with solid wires ranging from 24 to 12 AWG and tin-bonded stranded wires from 24 to 14 AWG. Stranded wires without tin bonding are not compatible with these connectors.

Can I use these connectors in tight spaces?
Absolutely! The compact design of these connectors is perfect for efficient space usage, making them ideal for tight spaces while ensuring organized wiring.

Are any special tools required for installation?
No special tools are required. Our connectors are designed for easy, hassle-free installations, making them user-friendly for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

What are the dimensions of the connectors?
3 ports: 0.65" L x 0.58" W x 0.26" H

What is the maximum voltage rating for these connectors?
These wire connectors can be used with a maximum voltage of 600 volts.

What material is used for these wire connectors?
The connectors are made of PC & PA with a UL94V-0 flame-retardant shell that is rated at 221°F, ensuring durability and safety.

Are the Push-In Wire Connector Nuts reusable?
Yes, these connectors are reusable. However, it's important to ensure that the wires you're using are in good condition and that the connector is free from damage before reusing.

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