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Red & Yellow Dicio Easy-CAPs: Versatile Wire Connector Nuts

Product Features

  • Reliable Wire Connectors: Dicio Easy-CAP wire nuts, available in red and yellow, deliver a dependable connection with a simple twist, suitable for a wide array of electrical projects.
  • Wide Wire Compatibility: Our red wire nuts fit 22-6 AWG wires, while the yellow wire nuts are perfect for 22-10 AWG, making them versatile for different wiring tasks without the need for multiple sizes.
  • High Current Capacity: Engineered for high conductivity, these twist connectors handle substantial current loads, safeguarding your electrical equipment and systems.
  • Multi-use Solution: Ideal for household wiring, lighting, electrical devices, and other low voltage applications, our wire nuts are the go-to choice for professional and home use.
  • Safety Certified: UL listed under UL486C, our twist caps meet rigorous safety standards, offering confidence for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
Image displaying the detailed size dimensions of Dicio's red and yellow Easy-Cap wire connectors, both bearing the UL approval mark, indicating their compliance with safety standards.
Photo demonstrating how to use Dicio's Easy-Cap wire connectors, illustrating the simple steps of stripping the wire, inserting it into the cap, and twisting for a secure connection.
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Quantity: N1-100pcs (Yellow) 22-8 AWG

Product Specifications

Wiring Ranges

  • N1: Max. 3#12 AWG wires~Min. 4 #22 AWG wires
  • N2: Max. 1#8 with 3 #12 AWG wires ~ Min. 3 #20 AWG wires



600 Volts


N1 (Yellow), N2 (Red)


PA66, UL94V-2 flame-retardant shell rated at 221°F.

Safety Tips

  • Always ensure the power is off before installation.
  • Dicio products are for one-time use only and are NOT reusable.

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