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Waterproof Landscape Wire Connectors [Small]

Resilient Waterproof Connectors for Ultimate Outdoor Protection

  • Model Number: P4W
  • Certified Quality: UL-listed (UL486G) to ensure safety and reliability in any outdoor setting.
  • Water Resistant: High-quality silicone materials provide consistent, lasting performance against moisture.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for landscape lighting, irrigation systems, and all outdoor wiring projects.
  • User Friendly: Easy and time-saving installation process for various low voltage requirements.
  • Easy Installation: Quick, tape-free twist connectors for a secure and efficient connection.

Image comparing the sizes of P4W, R3, and R6 from left to right, showing the P4W as the smallest, R3 as medium-sized, and R6 as the largest

Small waterproof wire nut ideal for compact splicing spaces, showcasing its slim design. Dicio's compact waterproof wire nuts are engineered with silicone grease filling, ensuring superior waterproofing capabilities for electrical connections in moist and outdoor environments. Photo illustrating the simple steps to use Dicio's small waterproof wire nuts: strip the wire ends, insert them into the connector, and turn clockwise until at least 2 twists are visible, confirming a secure, waterproof seal. Dicio's small waterproof wire nuts, featuring a compact design for tight spaces, showcased with a UL approval label, affirming their safety and quality for electrical wiring applications. Image depicting a chart with all UL-approved wiring combinations for wire connectors under the UL486G standard, showcasing the range of safe and certified connections for various wire types and gauges.
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Quantity: 50 pcs (22-8 AWG)

Product Specifications

Wiring Ranges

  • Minimum: 2 #20 AWG wires
  • Maximum: 3 #12 AWG wires


0.53 inch x 0.95 inch


600 Volts


Blue, black


Tough thermoplastic, UL 94V-2 flame-retardant shell for 221℉

Safety Tips

  • Always ensure the power is off before installation.
  • Dicio waterproof products are for one-time use only and are NOT reusable.

Q: What certifications do P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts hold? Our P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts are UL Listed under UL486G, which confirms they meet the stringent requirements for safety and reliability, particularly in outdoor settings.

Q: How do P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts ensure water resistance? These wire nuts are crafted with high-quality silicone, which serves as an effective barrier against moisture, ensuring consistent, long-lasting performance in damp and wet conditions.

Q: What is the range of wire sizes that P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts can accommodate? P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts offer versatile compatibility, suitable for wire sizes from 20 to 12 gauge (AWG), making them ideal for a variety of outdoor and landscape lighting projects.

Q: Can you specify the wiring capacity for the P4W Wire Nuts? The P4W Wire Nuts are capable of securely connecting a minimum of 2 #20 AWG wires and a maximum of 3 #12 AWG wires.

Q: Do I need any tools to install P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts? No, the wire nuts are designed for a straightforward, tool-free installation. They feature a twist-on connector system that allows for a secure and efficient connection without the need for tape.

Q: What are the dimensions of the P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts? The P4W Wire Nuts measure 0.53 inch in diameter and 0.95 inch in length, providing a compact solution for various wiring applications.

Q: What is the maximum voltage rating for P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts? P4W Wire Nuts are rated for up to 600 Volts, accommodating a broad range of low-voltage outdoor and landscape lighting or irrigation systems.

Q: What color options are available for the P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts? The P4W Wire Nuts are available in blue and black, allowing for straightforward identification during the installation process.

Q: What materials are used in the manufacturing of P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts? These wire nuts are made from durable thermoplastic with a flame-retardant shell rated UL 94V-2, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 221℉.

Q: What are the key differences in size between the P4W small size and the R3 medium size wire nuts? The P4W Waterproof Wire Nuts are smaller, with dimensions of 0.53 inches in diameter and 0.95 inches in length, making them more suitable for applications where space is limited. In contrast, the R3 Wire Connectors are larger, at 0.98 inches in diameter and 1.61 inches in length, which may be preferable for users who require easier handling, particularly when working with gloves or in tight spaces.

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