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Dicio Lever Wire Connectors 3 Ports

Versatile & Reliable Wiring Solutions

  • Certified Quality: UL Listed (UL-486C / UL-467).
  • Universal Compatibility: Versatile solution for connecting solid, stranded, and flexible wires (14-28 AWG).
  • Versatile solution: 2 ports, 3 ports, 5 ports available for all wiring purposes.
  • Easy Inspection: Allow quick checks for spliced wire length and full insertion.
  • User Friendly: Lift the rod, insert the stripped wire (0.39 inch), and close the rod.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for electrical boxes, lighting, sockets, switches, and small appliances.


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Quantity: 10 pcs(28-14 AWG)

Product Specifications

Wiring Ranges

  • Stranded wires: 28-14 AWG
  • Solid wires: 28-12 AWG



32A, 600V


Orange, clear


PC & PA, UL94V-0 flame-retardant shell rated at 221°F.

Safety Tips

  • Lever connectors are compatible with both solid and stranded wires.
  • Always ensure the power is off before installation.
  • Dicio lever products are for reusable.

Product Specifications and Usage

Q: What certifications do Dicio lever wire connectors have? Dicio lever wire connectors are UL Listed, adhering to standards UL-486C and UL-467, ensuring certified quality and safety for electrical connections.

Q: What types of wires can Dicio lever wire connectors accommodate? Our connectors can be used with solid, stranded, and flexible wires ranging from 14 to 28 AWG, providing a universally compatible solution for various wiring needs.

Q: How many wires can I connect with Dicio lever wire connectors? We offer connectors with 2, 3, and 5 ports options, catering to a wide range of wiring configurations and purposes.

Installation and Troubleshooting

Q: How can I inspect if a connection has been made properly with Dicio lever wire connectors? Each connector has a testing hole to verify connections. The transparent body also allows you to see if wires are fully inserted for proper connection.

Q: What is the correct way to use a Dicio lever wire connector? To use our connector, lift the lever to a 90-degree angle, insert the stripped wire (0.39 inch), and close the lever to secure the wire.

Q: Why doesn't the grip feel strong enough on my Dicio lever wire connectors?
A: If the grip isn't strong, ensure the wire gauge is within 14 to 28 AWG and that the lever is fully opened before inserting the wire. Our connectors are designed for a strong grip and have passed rigorous testing.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

Q: Can Dicio lever wire connectors be used for grounding purposes? Yes, our connectors are certified under UL-467 specifically for ground wiring applications.

Q: Are Dicio lever wire connectors safe for outdoor use? For outdoor or wet environments, we recommend our waterproof product line. Always match the product with your specific environmental needs for optimal safety.

Product Features and Benefits

Q: Are Dicio lever wire connectors reusable?
A: Yes, our connectors are reusable. They can be reopened for wire adjustments or for future use, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Q: What applications are Dicio lever wire connectors suitable for? They are suitable for a multitude of applications, including electrical boxes, lighting systems, sockets, switches, and small appliances.

Q: Do I need any special tools to use Dicio lever wire connectors? No special tools are required. Our connectors are designed for easy, tool-free wire connections.

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